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Raising fattening pigs (fattening pigs)


Raising fattening pigs (fattening pigs)

      The popular animal husbandry career in villages is raising pigs or raising pigs because they can be raised in small farms. a few numbers because it takes up less space, easy to raise, requires less labor and can be used as food waste for pigs In addition, pig manure can be used as fertilizer or feed in fish ponds.
      Pigs are pets that breed quickly and are prolific. Therefore, it is a profitable business. Makes it very popular. Pork meat is popular with most consumers and can be sold or sold in many markets, both local and general markets in the city. by people or farmers Pigs can be raised in both small farms and large farms. Since raising pigs does not take up much space and is easy to raise and not too complicated today, Thai farms will introduce the raising of fattening pigs. Because raising fattening pigs requires less investment. raising pigs or Other ways of raising pigs And in addition, raising fattening pigs also gives good returns.

Place to raise pigs

However, the farmer or the farmer must have an investment to pay for the cost of feed for the pigs to have. The food was adequately eaten as well. As for the venue of the party Farmers should build houses far away. from the community if possible because raising pigs may produce a strong smell and may not be good for community environment in that area Or farmers must have to deal with the pig manure system or the waste that may be sent. smells good Well, if it is good, it should be near a source of food ingredients that can be bought without too much cost or a farm system to be used as food for raising pigs
Sufficient Farms or houses used to raise pigs. Should be located in a place that does not flood. able to drain water well Far away from communities or markets, pig houses must be able to protect from the sun, rain and wind, especially if in the summer it should be. must take special care The floor in the pen of the rearing area should be concrete. for ease of cleaning The size of the pen should be about 4 x 35 meters, so it can feed 60-100 kilograms of fattening pigs, about 8-10 pigs. How many pigs are raised by farmers?

Feeding and cleaning of pig premises

The pig is a single stomach animal. Can’t digest food that has a lot of pulp as well as other types of gastric. Therefore, the food used to feed pigs Therefore, it should have complete nutrition. Most diets for fattening pigs Preferably using ready-made food or cultivators. Some farmers may mix feed to feed their pigs, thereby reducing production costs. by using the food head mixed with broken rice bran or other materials according to the proportion determined by the farmer
By managing the care of the pigs, farmers should start raising fattening pigs. From the weaning stage, the pig weighs about 20 kilograms, using a feed containing about 18 percent protein and giving the pigs a full feed of about 1-2 kilograms per day. Meals with 16 percent protein instead and give the pigs 2.5 – 3.5 kilograms of feed per day until the stage of delivery to the market when the pigs weigh about 100 kilograms throughout the period of raising the pigs There must be clean water available to the pigs throughout the day. Cleanliness of the rearing place or pen Farmers should regularly clean the floor of the pig pen. to reduce the accumulation of various germs that may bring the disease to the pigs And it also prevents the smell from pig manure. disturb nearby communities as well And all pigs must be dewormed and vaccinated as scheduled. which we have consistently set in order for the pigs to have good health

Market for buying pigs

Farmers should study market sources that buy pigs and sell pigs even if the pigs are alive. and accepted market Slaughtered pigs by breeding pigs that farmers or people who raise pigs will be popular Most are popular to mix 2, 3, or 4 species, which will have better yield, growth and vigor characteristics than from Father and mother that gave birth to the same breed The cultivars that are mostly used in crossbreeding include several cultivars such as large wines, landraces. and breed Durock Jersey, etc.
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