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Illegal pork destroys production chains


 Illegal pork destroys production chains

Veterinarians warn of “savage pigs” risk of cancer-causing red meat accelerators Consumers must be careful not to be selfish with cheap items. Accelerate the government’s crackdown strictly and seriously hoping to stop the long-term effects both public health and distorting price mechanisms before the collapse of the Thai pig industry
On September 8, 2022, Mr. Worawut Siripun, Deputy Secretary-General of the National Swine Raisers Association and chairman of the Chachoengsao Provincial Swine Raising Club revealed that a lot of smuggled illegal pigs and there were successive arrests by government officials Possibly contaminated with red meat accelerators due to illegally smuggled pork, pork and parts not consumed by Americans and Europeans, including legs, heads and entrails. It is a piece that people in Western countries do not consume. Smuggling therefore creates value for waste. instead of destroying which parts are imported full of phytonutrients at US pig farmers And some European countries can be used to raise freely.
     This is because illegally smuggled pork is pork and parts that Americans and Europeans do not consume, including pork legs, heads and offal. It is a piece that people in western countries do not consume. Smuggling is thus creating value for waste. instead of having to destroy which the various parts that are imported filled with the first substance topamine at the US pig farmer And some European countries can use it to freely raise “barbarian pigs. It is one of the dangers very close to us. Because it is harmful to consumers, farmers and the industry as a whole. where consumers buy pork with residual red meat accelerator to eat It can cause harm, such as irregular heartbeat, insomnia, nausea, and vomiting and will manifest quickly. especially with pregnant women heart disease patient high blood pressure, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism in which the situation of high inflation Consumers will choose the right things. But it may not be worth the risk of future cumulative exposure.”
Pigatron 13 Temp
In addition, illegal pork is a major factor that distorts the price mechanism. because it is a part that the foreign market does not want This makes it possible to sell at a price of 135-145 baht per kilogram. Compared to Thai red pork at the current price of 200 baht per kilogram. The price of illegal pork is very attractive to consumers. which is a price that does not reflect the real cost of Thai farmers who have a very high cost From making a biosecurity system to prevent ASF and also having to bear the burden of food raw materials that have increased 30% in oil prices as a result of the Russian-Ukrainian war or even electricity Including wages that tend to increase continuously, which undermines the security of the pig farmer’s career.
   “The cost of raising pigs abroad is much lower than in Thailand. The government should seriously protect and take action against illegal pigs. In order not to let over 200,000 Thai pig raisers who can raise 22 million pigs per year have to die away. and not to have a chain effect on farmers who grow crops including the animal feed sector and Thai veterinary medicine where everything in the animal farming industry is connected, ”Veterin Worawut stressed.
   Veterinarian Worawut said that Normally, Asian people eat all parts of pork, including pork, head, innards, skin, oily skin, etc., especially Thai people who have a different eating culture. Including eating cooked pork, raw, semi-raw, semi-cooked, such as Laab Lu and red meat, which is wrong with Europeans and Americans who eat only pork. Trying to send pork products coated with red meat accelerator as a gift for Thai people to eat. Fortunately, the Thai government still stands up to protect the Thai people. for reasons of impact on public health and sanitation To oppose the import of pork parts until now.

Pigatron 13


1. There is a numeric display of the temperature unit 0C, the number display of the relative humidity unit %RH, fan speed, date, time.
and has a suitable numerical size that can be seen even in low light
2. There is a lamp indicating the on-off status of various controlled devices.
3. The control box is IP 56 standard, made in Italy. Protects against water, humidity and dust.
4. Use electricity 100~240 VAC 50-60 Hz. There is a data storage system even if the power failure. The data will not be lost.
5. Temperature display numbers It has a resolution of 0.10C and a humidity of 0.1%RH.
6. There is a customization system. (Recalibrate) both temperature and humidity.
7. Able to store the highest and lowest values of temperature (Temperature), Humidity of each day for the past 2 days.
8. Able to program temperature for fan (T-curve), water pump (C-curve), heater (H-curve) according to the age of the animal in 15 ranges.
9. Can add 24 programs of controlled ventilation by humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2) and ammonia (NH3).
10. Can choose to turn on-off the fan according to 24 programs
11. Temperature, wind speed, maximum and minimum can be programmed according to the age of the animals in 15 ranges.
12. Can show the age of the pets (Growth Day) from 0-999 days.
13. Can be programmed to turn on-off the light (Light) 24 programs
14. There is a notification system. when the temperature is high or low, when the humidity is high or low and when the sensor is abnormal (Alarm, High/Low Temperature
Alarm, High/Low Humidity Alarm and Alarm Sensor)
15. Able to store temperature, humidity, fan operation, water pump, alarm for 1000 events (keep data every 15 minutes for 10 days)
16. There is a system to transfer the control data to another controller (Data Loader) in order to reduce the time of data entry in the case of a house.
Several houses (optional)
17. There is a network connection system to computers at the office, up to 30 computers per 1 computer (Link Data Network).
18. There is a system to delay the operation of each machine to prevent the event of a power outage.
The user can set the time for the countdown.
19. There is a delay system for turning on several fans at the same time, the system will turn on the fans one by one, 3 seconds apart.
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