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Power outage throughout the farm

ไฟดับทั้งฟาร์ม ความเสียหายที่ผู้เลี้ยงไม่อยากเจอ

Farm power outage damage that the caregiver does not want to face

Electricity is essential for raising chickens. Because essential equipment such as fans, lights, or thermostats all require a power source from electricity.
But what if in the event of a power outage for the whole farm?
Of course, the easiest solution is to buy an uninterruptible power supply to use on the farm.
But is that enough?
There are cases when there is a power outage and the backup generator does not work. The farm administrator was not notified of the incident. It may take several tens of minutes before the problem can be fixed. or maybe an hour which the chicken may be shocked and eventually die Damage to chicken farm business owners
But would it be better? If we have a system to alert every house malfunction Whether during the day or night, you can alert Anytime, anywhere, in real time.
Temp AL-04 Alarm System
System to alert, monitor and report in the event of anomalies or emergencies within the animal house
Temp AL-04 will send information to the user in case of emergency via
Call / User profile can be set up to report an emergency up to 5 people
SMS message / Emergency message notification via SMS with specifying the time and the incident
Line / Emergency message notification via LINE application
No worries in every emergency Alert immediately with Temp AL-04 Alarm System.
heat stress
lowered immunity
ammonia gas increased
chickens drink more water eat less food
lowered immunity
Chickens become panting, breathing through their mouths, spreading their wings due to the need for heat to escape their skin.
if no correction Chickens may not adapt and die within 2 hours.


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