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Control of leg deformities in broilers


Control of leg deformities in broilers

Leg disability increased with chicken weight. and also cause a higher mortality rate as well The control of leg disabilities must check the quality of the floor. and adjust management as appropriate. In addition, the selection of broiler breeds that are Leg lameness is rare. Although genetic selection programs for the control of leg lameness are underway, some broiler breeds are still more predisposed to leg lameness than others. This is something poultry producers need to consider. decide Choose to suit your own production goals.
Recommendations and guidelines for reducing heat stress in the farm for modern broiler rearing species to have a growth rate and excellent food exchange efficiency but instead is a factor that leads to Many physiological abnormalities such as arrhythmias, dropsy, etc., as the chickens grow older. Any stress factor can induce increased mortality. Stress control in broilers. This can be done initially as follows: 
 1. Prepare management standards for broiler farming. and train employees to understand and can follow strictly 
2 Make sure that rearing area in the house Sufficient space for the animals to live comfortably, including feeding space and water.
3. Try to get the chickens used to the appearance of humans. and sounds from various activities inside the house In order not to panic too easily.
4. Check the feeding, water and ventilation system on a daily basis. to ensure that work normally Consider providing vitamins and minerals to support the animal’s immune system. and reduce stress 
5. Infectious disease control Although older broilers are fairly immune to disease. But when the disease occurs It will cause a lot of damage, especially if there are other complicating factors. combined, so try to reduce the factors that may negatively affect the health status of chickens 
to reduce the mortality of broilers in the late stage The following preliminary recommendations should be followed: 
1. Good quality chicks Buy from a trusted source. 
2. Raising broiler chicks at the same time, of the same age and should come from the same breed of chicken farm. 
3. Feeding and watering equipment Always keep it clean, free from mold and algae. 
4. Biosecurity measures Must be strict at all times to prevent disease outbreaks on the farm.
5. Control disease carrier animals, especially wild birds, to prevent the possibility of contamination of pathogens in animal feed, including preventing wild animals from entering the premises or farms.
6. Train employees to be able to observe the important symptoms of sick chickens in order to report quickly and in a timely manner
7. Check the inside of the house on a daily basis. to survey sick and dead chickens throughout the house Try standing or sitting down. To calm the flock of chickens and listen carefully to the sound of respiratory abnormalities.
8. If there is an abnormal death of chickens, send dead or sick chickens for diagnosis.
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